Climb @ the Capitol

Climbers came out in big numbers to Idaho’s Credit Union Day at the Capitol making up almost 30% of all the attendees. We brought our energy and enthusiasm to tell our story. We are #CUObsessed and want our legislators to share in our obsession.

In conjunction with the NWCUA and the “old” credit union professionals, Climbers shared with legislators the 2017 Economic Impacts of Credit Unions in Idaho report, a first-of-its-kind independent analysis performed by economists at ECONorthwest.

Climbers let our legislature know that our members are $98 better off banking as our member instead of with a bank. With 55% of Idahoans belonging to a credit union that $98 adds up to $90 million in direct benefits to credit union members. That’s 90 million reasons to be a member of a credit union instead of going to a bank.

Credit Unions total economic impact in Idaho is a whopping $638 million. Climbers didn’t stop at the numbers. We were sure to tell our stories of how we give back to our communities and do all we can to serve our members. The pride felt by Climbers for their members was evident in their advocacy efforts.

Climb @ the Capitol was a resounding success thanks to all you Climbers. We had fun coming together in coopertition to share our passion for the credit union movement. Hope to see an even bigger sea of blue Climbers next year.

Idaho Professionals show CULAC some Love!

The CLIMB for CULAC event was a huge success, mainly in part from the young professionals that dedicated time and efforts to plan such a fun evening.

On August 24th an Idaho statewide event was held at two venues in the East and West to raise money for CULAC. Both venues celebrated with games, networking, food and fun to engage credit union employees on the importance of donating to CULAC.

Between both regions that participated, CLIMB was able to raise $2,495 for CULAC! With Idaho’s annual goal of $10K, we covered a quarter of that in one night!

A special thank you goes out to all the participants, volunteers, CEO donations and NWCUA support.

Thank you all for supporting such a great cause!

Best regards,
Your CLIMB Idaho Executive Committee

PS Check out our Facebook page to see pictures and video from the event