Climb Idaho supports and participates in the Northwest Young Professionals Network.

The Credit Union Movement’s continued success will depend on the next generation of leaders. Preparing those individuals with the tools they need to meet the needs of credit union members is essential to ensuring that the people helping people philosophy continues. The Northwest Young Professionals Network serves as an additional resource and a unifying umbrella over existing YP groups across Oregon, Washington and Idaho – seeking to connect and influence the future leaders of the credit union movement.

Meet Your Idaho YP Leads

Sam Jensen – Pioneer Federal Credit Union

Katie Bledsoe – Simplot Employees Credit Union

Nikie Bauer – Clarity Credit Union

Alisha Watson – P1FCU

Titan Sweeten – Beehive Federal Credit Union

Karen Rowe – Beehive Federal Credit Union


Why Should I Become a YP Lead?

“I had a great time at MAXX. For an individual new to the credit union world this experience would be amazing. The ability to learn and see how credit unions work together is kind of magical! As a credit union veteran of sorts, I highly valued the connections I was able to make and the outside support system I was able to find throughout the northwest. No matter where you are at in your credit union experience, I highly recommend attending this conference.”

“Spending time at MAXX allowed me to network with a large group of young, bright and dedicated minds passionate about credit unions and all that we do for our members. MAXX helped ignite a passion and dedication to increasing our presence amongst the Northwest that will allow us to continue serving those who need served the most. The energy at MAXX was unforgettable and I cannot recommend it enough. “

“MAXX was an amazing experience! Being a YP Lead exceeded my  expectations. There is nothing more inspiring than being surrounded by motivated credit union professionals with the same passion and love for the Credit Union Movement as yourself. I learned so much about the industry and was overwhelmed with the fact that it is a privilege to work for a Credit Union and we have a responsibility to keep our industry alive by educating our staff and members about the Credit Union Movement! We are so lucky to be part of a movement like this. The MAXX was filled with people who genuinely care about providing our members with the best products and service! One of the greatest takeaways I have from the experience is meeting people who have worked in a Credit Union for many years that are filled with the same passion for the movement as those who have just began! They love their jobs just as much as they did when they first started and they were all so quick to share their experiences, advice, and stories with us all. I am so excited to see what the YP Leads are going to do for the Movement.”

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