Hear What Our Members Have to Say!

“CLIMB exists to ensure young professionals understand what credit unions really do and how they affect positive change in their members’ lives every day. If they truly understand the history and mission of credit unions, they forge a career path within the movement and their passion trickles down to the members they serve, which helps the whole movement grow.”

“I joined CLIMB so I could be a part of a like-minded group of peers who want to make a difference in the credit union industry. I enjoy networking and leading the CU movement with the peers I’ve met through CLIMB. I’ve been able to attend conferences as a CRASHER and experience what credit unions do and why we’re different than other financial institutions first hand.”

“Climb Idaho has been a wonderful group to be a part of. I have built lasting friendships with other YPs from across the state. They have become a resource to help me in my career. Climb has provided me the opportunity to meet and pick the brain of CEOs and executives across the state. It is fun and has helped me grow as a CU YP.”

“I love CLIMB Idaho because you are not only a part of an amazing team of young credit union professionals, but you are a part of the credit union movement. It is very powerful to see so many CLIMB Idaho members step up and work together to achieve greatness in the credit union movement.”

“Joining Climb was one of the best professional and personal decisions I’ve made! Climb has provided me with resources and opportunities to grow as an employee and individual. It’s very rewarding to be a part of a group of young professionals that are working to create awareness and belief in credit unions and our mission to be the best full-service financial institutions. Climb engages young adults and fosters a commitment to credit union through events, education, cooperation, and collaboration! It’s been pretty amazing to learn and grow with a group of passionate credit union professionals. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all. “

“I love being connected with like-minded people who are committed to personal growth and development, and who constructively drive each other towards becoming the future leaders of our amazing industry.”