Mission Statement

“To engage, educate, and promote young professionals for the purpose of development, retention, and involvement in the Credit Union Movement.”

Welcome to Climb Idaho

Inspired by the Crash Movement by The Cooperative Trust/Filene Research Institute, Climb Idaho began in 2014 when nine credit union employees from across the state were brought together, with help from the Idaho Credit Union League, to discuss and collaborate on ways Idaho can increase engagement and enthusiasm among young professionals to strengthen retention and increase the profile of the credit union movement. Climb Idaho seeks to not only develop young professionals within Idaho, but across the country in coordination with other popular young professional networks.


Bringing people together is at the core of what we do as a cooperative group of young professionals. Every Climb event is designed to be three things: fun, engaging and enduring. Fun because boring events are lame, engaging because Millennials more than any other generation believe in cooperation and enduring because an event is only truly worth attending if it delivers permanent benefits to those who experience it.


Educating young professionals about the multiple aspects of the credit union industry, from the cooperative business model to federal regulations and compliance, is one of the top priorities of our executive committee. With webinars, events with high profile guest speakers and special opportunities to “crash” conferences, members of Climb Idaho receive tremendous opportunities for development and advancement beyond what they might have been afforded on their own.


The credit union industry is driven by the cooperative philosophy, and Climb Idaho seeks to instill these important values not only in our members, but in the young professional community as we know it. Credit unions are financial cooperatives in themselves, and the services provided by credit unions to their members cannot succeed if the same philosophy that drives them is not also what binds together tomorrow’s credit union leaders. At Climb Idaho, we believe cooperation among credit union professionals and between credit unions themselves is the single greatest force to lift all credit unions and deliver even greater benefits and service to our members and the community as a whole.


Climb Idaho members collaborate together in moving the credit union movement forward. Check out our member area where you can join in forums to collaborate with other young professionals. Get advice on a work project. Ask about a product or vendor. Brainstorm ideas on how to take over the world, build the Iron Man suit, or win the local karaoke contest. The greatest resource Climb Idaho offers the collaboration of young professionals throughout the state.