Climb Idaho is a Credit Union Young Professionals group made up of credit union employees across Idaho.

What We Do

At Climb Idaho, we seek to establish and grow the credit union movement among young professionals across the state.



Educating young professionals about the multiple aspects of the credit union industry is one of the top priorities of our executive committee.



We believe cooperation among credit union professionals and between credit unions themselves is the single greatest force to lift all credit unions.



Climb Idaho members collaborate together in moving the credit union movement forward.

Credit Union Young Professionals

The Credit Union Movement’s continued success will depend on the next generation of leaders. Preparing those individuals with the tools they need to meet the needs of credit union members is essential to ensuring that the people helping people philosophy continues. The Northwest Young Professionals Network serves as an additional resource and a unifying umbrella over existing YP groups across Oregon, Washington and Idaho – seeking to connect and influence the future leaders of the credit union movement.

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